Here’s what we plan to accomplish in the next stage of the business, including the resources required to get there.


After building a solution to a deep industry problem, we’ve proven that we can sell it month after month to top tier customers. Now it’s time to invest in scaling up the operation. We’ll be using the funds from this round to invest in making our technology more robust and defensible as well as expanding the reach of our sales team.


The minimum investment for this round from institutions is $250,000 and we’re accepting no more than 5 angel investors at a minimum investment of $100,000.

We’re prepared to raise the rest of the round through convertible notes, but are open to a priced (equity) round with the right lead investor and participants.


We’re going from an MVP to a commercial product, so we need to hire engineers to make Insights more robust and scalable. We will also improve our distribution, by layering online acquisition channels on top of our inside-sales team.

These two objectives will get us to the next major milestone:

1. Advance the development of the Insights product and its underlying technology-algorithms.

2. Invest in the infrastructure and personnel required to execute our distribution strategy. 


Upon request we can provide you with an investor pitch deck, financial model, or product demo.

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Most importantly, we’re looking for investors who will be partners in our pursuit to democratize prospect research. If you have domain expertise or operating experience, please get in touch with our CEO, Su Sanni. We’d love to chat.